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Learn a Simple Framework to get your ideas accepted by your business partners. It starts with the fundamentals of communication. Learn them with this workbook.

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Who is Jimmy Marlin Epperson?

If you have been following me, then you know that messaging, influence and strategic communications are where I like to spend my time. And I like to spend that time with technical experts who need help explaining their insights, research or data ideas to less data fluent audiences.

I also approach influencing others and sharing ideas in a specific way. I don’t believe in being overly political, groveling in front of other people or brown-nosing to get my ideas accepted by others.

If you are someone who will try to convince someone of your idea with all means necessary, we are not going to be a good fit. I help technical pros who want to influence others in an authentic, genuine way without radical pretense or a dog and pony show.

We bring structure and discipline to your thinking, whether you’re working with an internal team or talking to a prospect. We help you build trust and empathy so you can explain your idea in a way where others will hear you and take action.

We start everything with a Simple Framework to guide your communication.

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Download Your Fundamentals Brainstorm Worksheet

If you want to get your ideas adopted by others, it’s important to use natural ways to influence others and simple ways to express what you want. Download our worksheet to start with the fundamentals.

Clear Points Messaging LLC is a communication strategy company that works with technical professionals and technical business owners. We help data scientists and engineers fill the communication gap between them and their business partners. We teach them communication best practices and build Influence Plans so they can get their projects accepted by their team members.

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